Lisette Krol - Acrobalance        25.11.2017

Be surprised at what 2 or 3 bodies can create together! This exciting and lively workshop is designed to build or improve balance, strength, flexibility and body/mind awareness with a partner or two! You will use your whole body and someone else’s to create different acrobalance figures. Lisette will show you a variety of acrobalance figures while discovering transitions in and out of a combination of tricks. You will each take turns at being the Base, Flyer and Spotter – All levels welcome, no background in Pole/Acrobalance needed.


Kurslevel alle Levels
Voraussetzungen keine Vorkenntnisse nötig
Kursort Bendererstrasse 33
9494 Schaan
Laufzeit 25.11.2017
Freie Plätze 6 / 14
Preis Normalpreis: CHF 65


Datum Wochentag Zeit Studio
1. Lektion 25.11.2017 Samstag 15:00 - 16:30 Uhr Studio Schaan
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